Checks the security of your Wi-Fi connections


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  • Category Networks
  • Program license Free
  • Version 1.4.1
  • Size 688 KB
  • Works under: Android
  • Package name es.expectro.revelan
  • Program by Exper9

ReveLA WIFI is an incredibly helpful app that verifies WiFi network security to ensure the safety of the Android devices connected to them. In addition to make sure your phone and tablets are safe from virtual threats, the app also recovers passwords whenever necessary.

The ReveLA WIFI app makes keeping your mobile devices safe as easy as tapping the screen. Just tap the refresh button that is found in right top corner of the app's first screen and wait for the app to identify all of the network connections. While this process can sometimes take a bit longer than you may want it to, it is important to remember to be patient because it is critically important that the app locate all network connections.

When the app is finished scanning for networks in the area, you simply have to select your network and tell the app to run the test. Please note that you must only select your personal network since it could be illegal for you to access and run such a security check on someone else's network.

While the benefits of using ReveLA WIFI can be quite significant, especially if the app helps you avoid virtual danger than can greatly damage your expensive phones and tablets, you should proceed with caution. Using this app in a way that is not intended could lead to some serious trouble for you.


  • Verifies safety and security of network connections.
  • Helps users uncover passwords when they cannot log into their WiFi accounts.


  • Considerable caution is required when using this app because improper use can lead to serious consequences.